Candice de Lange

FlySafair airline apologises for offensive tweet

Deneesha Pillay | 23 June, 2016 12:43

Low-cost airline FlySafair has apologised profusely for a “sarcastic” tweet to a passenger who was trying to get a cheap flight to see her father who she said had cancer.

Candice de Lange (@TokenBlode84)‚ who has since deleted her twitter account‚ expressed her anger after the airline‚ in her view‚ responded sarcastically to her complaint on social media.

De Lange had tweeted‚ with an image‚ that she had been booted off the company's website after being number 4050 in the queue as the airline started selling thousands of R2 air tickets one a first come first serve basis on Thursday.

Fly Safair responded to her by saying “@TokenBlonde84 Congrats! Your the first person to say this is unfair - you win a cap. DM us your address and we'll have it delivered.”