How women use Social Media...

When looking at the types of Social Media women use, we refer to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Slashdot and Tumblr as the most popular social media platforms. When it comes to building relationships on Social media- women really know what they are doing.. Women tend to have more friends on Social Media platforms than men as they outnumber men on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and more open to creating new friendships via social media. Social Media is a tool for women to either share their thoughts or for them to see what everyone else might be up to..

Some studies have shown that Women passwords more often than men to protect their devices, information and documents.. From analysing women’s profiles on all of the different Media Platforms you will see that they protect their reputation by activating Privacy settings on their accounts in order for others to see limited content where as men will be more open to sharing their personal details on the web and are not really too phased..  

Women also rarely use Facebook as a messaging device but mainly for Entertainment purposes such as looking at posts and sharing videos with their friends. When looking at the professional side of Social media use from Females, you can see that women don’t often use Social Media as a tool for work unless they occupy a job title that requires them to do so.

So judging from the information above As we all know, women are vocal, expressive and always willing to share and communicate especially if it is for entertainment  which brings us to the conclusion that women are biologically wired for social networking!!


Jenna Wands