There are a number of media monitoring companies out there offering the same suite of services in media and online reputation management.


So what makes us different?

We do things The DDIMM Way, which means that we treat each and every client individually, giving each one the customised service they require and deserve.

To summarise our levels of proficiency in media monitoring as well as media and online reputation management, we capture information from:

  • Over 65 radio and television channels
  • Thousands of print publications
  • More than 50k online news sources
  • In excess of 20k online retail sources
  • Over 200k forums
  • More than 150m social media profiles

That’s a lot of data to sort through, but if that data relates to your business, wouldn’t you want to know about it? That’s why we’re here. To deliver the information that you need about your brand… when you need it most.

In offering our services in media monitoring and reputation management,
DDIMM becomes an extension of your business.

Our experienced and highly dedicated customer support team do whatever it takes to find relevant, highly refined data from our comprehensive sources to help us shape market perception. We use this to provide you with accurately engineered business acumen across companies, industries and markets, delivered seamlessly via our user-friendly, customisable and cross-platform web-based interface.

Doing things The DDIMM Way, you will not only save time and money, but simultaneously maximise your strategic opportunities and turn peripheral data into actionable insights.